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What is Planetary Assault?

Prepare for interstellar domination in Planetary Assault, the ultimate idle clicker game where your rockets relentlessly bombard alien planets, leaving nothing but cosmic dust in their wake. In this addictive game, your rockets automatically launch devastating attacks, but it’s up to you to upgrade them for maximum destruction and increased gold earnings.

Master of the cosmos!

In Planetary Assault, every click brings you closer to becoming the master of the cosmos. As you progress, unlock and enhance powerful satellite turrets that provide an extra layer of offensive might. These turrets rain down continuous firepower, ensuring no planetary defense stands a chance. Utilize a variety of skills to amplify your destructive capabilities, turning your onslaught into a relentless barrage of explosions and chaos.

Watch your arsenal grow stronger!

Accumulate resources and strategically invest in upgrades to watch your arsenal grow stronger and more efficient. Each upgrade not only boosts your rocket’s power but also increases your gold accumulation, allowing for even more enhancements. The more you upgrade, the faster you can obliterate planetary defenses and move on to conquer new worlds.

Pursue cosmic supremacy!

Planetary Assault offers a visually stunning experience, with explosive effects and dynamic environments that keep you engaged as you pursue cosmic supremacy. The thrill of watching your upgraded rockets and turrets unleash havoc on planets is matched only by the satisfaction of seeing your name climb the leaderboards.

Master the art of cosmic destruction!

Are you ready to master the art of cosmic destruction? Strategize, upgrade, and unleash your arsenal in Planetary Assault. Conquer planets, dominate the universe, and aim for the top spot on the leaderboards. The galaxy is yours for the taking—embark on your planetary assault today!

Planetary Assault
Planetary Assault