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What is Lunapark Idle Clicker: For Fun?

Lunapark Idle Clicker: For Fun is a clicker game where you craft the ultimate entertainment destination. Merge and expand Ferris wheel cabins, strategically upgrade attractions, and perfect park equipment to ensure unforgettable experiences for your visitors. Build your dream park, boost earnings, and aim to reign as the king of amusement park magnates!

Manage the world’s largest and funniest amusement park!

Do you have what it takes to manage the world’s largest and funniest amusement park? Grow and manage the magnificent amusement park and become the king of the richest amusement park! Build the coolest and most attractive amusement park. Be the boss.
Add new cabin to the Ferris wheel, merge, expand the cabinet, earn more. You can earn more by making upgrades. You can improve and perfect the amusement park equipment(s). Let the Grimace Bullet Blender begin. Have fun.