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FNF vs Crewmate (Among Us)


What is FNF vs Crewmate (Among Us)?

FNF vs Crewmate (Among Us), A latest mod of Friday Night Funkin where Boyfriend rap-battle a suspicious looking crewmate. Play this mod at – Best Online Games for free.
Free FNF game mode from Among Us (Friday Night Funkin’) is yet another FNF mod based on the video game Among Us.

Who killed the poor guy?

Packed with five songs, it starts at a crime scene with Boyfriend next to a dead body. Who killed the poor guy? With no one else around, other crewmates start threatening BF with eviction. This mod was made by Lexicord, MykeLegin, PrffsrBONNIE, OuchMyPhysics, Wizord, Goodenoty, and niffirg.