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FNF: Shaggy x Matt Sad Version


What is FNF: Shaggy x Matt Sad Version?

FNF: Shaggy x Matt Sad Version is latest and one of the best FNF game mode online and you can play it at – Best Online Games for kids. Join Matt to sing for the last time with Shaggy, since they had an argument and now he is sad, alone and apart, this mod does not try to disrespect the creators of Matt and Shaggy and we do this for fun.

Help Shaggy sings the right words!

This mod contains 1 song:
The Last Tree – This is because when Shaggy sings he seems to say “tree” “train”. And finally this mod was inspired by a meme and also by the mod Shaggy x Matt. Try to defeat the Shaggy and Matt in this fun music rap battle!