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What is FNF: DEAD AIR?

FNF: DEAD AIR is a horror mod for Friday Night Funkin’ that plunges into the dark corners of internet folklore. Crafted by the talented vladosikos17, this mod takes you on a nightmarish journey inspired by infamous creepypasta tales, haunted websites, and unsettling YouTube channels.

Terrifying musical adventure!

FNF: DEAD AIR delivers a terrifying musical adventure across six bone-chilling songs where the horror never skips a beat. Each track is meticulously designed to evoke the eerie ambiance of the darkest stories found on the internet. As you progress through the mod, you’ll encounter sinister visuals and haunting melodies that immerse you in a world of digital dread.

The mod’s unique blend of horror and rhythm gameplay!

The mod’s unique blend of horror and rhythm gameplay sets it apart, offering a thrilling challenge for fans of Friday Night Funkin’ and horror enthusiasts alike. The unsettling atmosphere is amplified by the eerie character designs and the hauntingly beautiful backgrounds, making each encounter a memorable fright.

Tests your rhythmic skills and your nerve!

Can you keep your cool and hit every note as the terror unfolds around you? FNF: DEAD AIR tests your rhythmic skills and your nerve, pushing you to the limits of both. With its captivating storyline and innovative approach to horror, this mod promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you looking over your shoulder long after the music stops.

Horror-infused musical journey!

Dive into the eerie realms of FNF: DEAD AIR, face the nightmares lurking in the digital shadows, and see if you can conquer the terror that awaits. Get ready for a horror-infused musical journey like no other, where every beat could be your last.