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What is Bus Collect?

Bus Collect is a captivating game where your mission is to collect passengers waiting along the road and deliver them safely to their destination. Precision and strategy are key as you navigate the streets, using arrow signs to guide your bus on the correct route.

Steer your bus in the right direction!

In Bus Collect, you are the driver tasked with picking up as many passengers as possible and transporting them to the finish point. The gameplay is simple yet challenging: use your mouse to turn the arrow signs and steer your bus in the right direction. Each passenger you collect adds to your score, so aim to pick up everyone waiting on the roadside.

The roads become more complex!

As you progress through the levels, the roads become more complex, requiring quick thinking and sharp reflexes to ensure you don’t miss any passengers or take a wrong turn. The challenge lies in directing the bus efficiently while maximizing your passenger count to reach high scores.

How many passengers you can pick up!

Ready to test your driving and navigation skills? Jump into Bus Collect and see how many passengers you can pick up and deliver safely to their destination. Steer your way to success and aim for the top of the leaderboard in this thrilling and fun-filled game!

Bus Collect
Bus Collect