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Space Tacos is a casual arcade game where you must gather all of the animals to make tacos! Steal animals like cows, chickens, penguins, etc. with your UFO, turn them into delicious tacos, and sell them to the humans! Upgrade your UFO so you can easily steal all of the animals before the time runs out. Exciting challenges await you!

Show off your skills as the ultimate taco-selling extraterrestrial!

Show off your skills as the ultimate taco-selling extraterrestrial. This game is the perfect fun time killer, offering hours of entertainment. Get ready for a fun arcade experience like no other!
Prepare for a cosmic culinary adventure like no other, the ultimate casual arcade sensation that’s out of this world!

Conquer your way to taco supremacy!

Take control of your trusty UFO and master the art of animal acquisition as you swoop in to gather your ingredients. It’s time to abduct, cook, and conquer your way to Grimace Bullet Blender
Release Date

June 2023 (Android)
March 2024 (WebGL)


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