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What is TTYL?

Get ready to relive the chaotic charm of retro texting with TTYL, a point-and-click game that plunges you into the turbulent world of teenage life with a busted phone. Created by 302 Slices, this game challenges you to keep up with your social life on a clunky old keypad, navigating the hurdles of adolescence without the luxury of a modern touchscreen.

In TTYL, every message counts!

In TTYL, every message counts. You’ve got to type out your texts with speed and precision on an outdated phone, making sure to stay connected with friends while avoiding family drama. The pressure is on as you balance your social reputation with the demands of school, home, and everything in between.

Nostalgia and frustration of old-school texting!

This game brilliantly captures the nostalgia and frustration of old-school texting, where every keystroke requires careful attention and speed is of the essence. No autocorrect, no swiping—just pure, unfiltered texting mayhem. The unique point-and-click mechanics make every interaction a test of your dexterity and decision-making skills.

Stress over your next message!

As you progress, the stakes get higher. Juggling multiple conversations, responding to unexpected crises, and keeping your cool under pressure are all part of the daily grind. The charming graphics and witty dialogue keep the experience engaging and relatable, making you laugh even as you stress over your next message.

Texting was an adventure in itself!

TTYL isn’t just a game; it’s a nostalgic trip back to the days when texting was an adventure in itself. Can you handle the heat and keep your social life afloat with a broken phone? Dive into TTYL and find out—just remember, there’s no touchscreen to save you!

Ready to prove your texting prowess?

Ready to prove your texting prowess? Step into the shoes of a teen with a busted phone and see if you can stay in the loop in TTYL. It’s time to type fast, dodge drama, and keep your reputation intact in this uniquely challenging and hilarious game!