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The Adventures of Boney Joe


What is The Adventures of Boney Joe?

The Adventures of Boney Joe is super cool shooting game that you can play online for free. Collect treasure and shoot baddies in this run-n-gun adventure shooting game. The music is fantastic as well as our Bonney Joe. Jammy even.

Be careful no to take damage from the spikes!

The artstyle of this game  is charming and unique, and the level design is challenging, fun, and enjoyable. If i have any complain, is that the dash can sometimes screw me over. Sometimes you can make a perfect dash but still take damage from the spikes. Start playing and help Bone Joe in his life adventure.


Made by @gypopothomas
Graphics & Game: Thomas McCloskey
Music: José Ramón “Bibiki” García & Sam Beddoes
Sound FX: Emma Robinson
Made for GBJam

How to Play:

WASD / Arrows – Move
K / Z – Shoot
L / X – Dash