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Switchland Rescue


Wjhat is Switchland Rescue?

Switchland Rescue

Switchland Rescue is super fun kids game that you can play online for free. Today we have a brand new puzzle game platformer travel to kingdom of Switchland and play as a square that must rescue his beloved. Razzel is a powerful witch with a malevolent plan about to set in motion to bring the kingdom of Switchland under her yoke.

Face any kind of danger!

The charming puzzle game features simple one-finger controls and adorable pixel art aesthetics that keep the game casual and challenging at the same time. In this lovely subversion of the average rescue story, you’ll fight against the evil Razzel and save the kingdom of Switchland while traversing moving blocks and avoiding deadly spikes at the same time. Razzel uses the powers of the mirror and discovers that the love of some lovers will end his power plans. He decides to postpone his plans and kidnap one of them so that the fire of his love goes out and the prediction of the mirror does not is fulfilled. However, he does not count on the girl having the courage to face any kind of danger and will do anything to get her lover back, even … have your help!