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Super Disc Dual 2


What is Super Disc Dual 2?

Super Disc Dual 2

Super Disc Dual 2 is a super fun game for kids that you can play online for free. You need to throw disc across the field. Make it curve, bounce it, and other ways to get it back your opponent. There is tournament arcade mode that you can compete in order to unlock new characters. Endless fun mode. Lastly, 2 player duel mode to compete with friends on the same local computer. Watch the characters in action on the Cartoon Network Television Show.

Win the championship in this game!

Play air hockey with the cartoon characters of Cartoon Network and win the championship in this game. You can play against opponents controlled by the computer or against your friends using dual controls. The game is simple, you must move your character to defend your goal, and throw the super disc when it is your turn to shoot. Each game has a time limit and you must score as many goals as possible or more than your opponent within that limit. Play with the cartoon characters of Cartoon Network and try to become the air hockey champion in the game.