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Subway Surfers : Paris 2021


What is Subway Surfers : Paris 2021?

Subway Surfers World Tour: Paris 2021 is the hundred and thirty-ninth edition of the Subway Surfers World Tour series and also the hundred and thirty-eighth edition of Subway Surfers. Play it at – Best Online Games for kids.

Win new hoverboard called Parasol!

This edition has the return of a limited character called Coco for Key.png 75. This edition also has two new characters, called Alexandre for GrayEventCoin.png 15,000 and Parkour Rin for GrayEventCoin.png 12,000. There is also the return of the hoverboard called Rose for Key.png 30 and the hoverboard Sweetheart for Key.png 50. There is also a new hoverboard called Paint Palette for GrayEventCoin.png 8,000. There is also another new hoverboard called Parasol as a prize of the Season Hunt.