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What is Stickman Leave Prison?

Stickman Leave Prison is the latest game in the stickman jail series. In this thrilling game, you take control of two characters, each with unique abilities, as they navigate the treacherous prison environment. Your mission is to guide them to the level’s finish line by finding the corresponding colored keys to unlock the doors while evading the ever-watchful guards.

Both stick figures arrive safely at the exit!

In Stickman Leave Prison, strategic thinking and quick reflexes are essential. Collect money scattered throughout the levels to unlock new, more skilled skins for your characters, enhancing their abilities and helping you overcome increasingly difficult challenges. Leap and dodge harmful obstacles as you make your way through the game, ensuring both stick figures arrive safely at the exit.

Navigate the prison’s intricate layout effectively!

Switch between characters to utilize their unique skills, allowing you to navigate the prison’s intricate layout effectively. The goal is to get all the stick figures to the door, working together to solve puzzles, avoid capture, and escape the prison.

Mastermind your escape!

Ready to break free? Jump into Stickman Leave Prison and mastermind your escape. Find the keys, avoid the guards, and guide your stickmen to freedom. Can you outsmart the prison and secure your way to liberty? The challenge awaits!

Stickman Leave Prison
Stickman Leave Prison