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What is Pet Salon 2?

Pet Salon 2 is a pet grooming but also a pet dress-up game with 2D cartoon game art animations. In this amazing game you will meet cats and dogs with different tools and decorations. In the first 3 steps, you need to wash and cure the pet with the provided tools.

Decorate the pet with a hat!

The 4th step is to decorate the pet with a hat, a pair of glasses, a bow tie, and a cloth from several options. Some of them require you to watch ads and unlock them. When you finish all the steps, you can receive one heart if you can win over 50 points on the Photo Part.

Take care of the cutest puppy and cat!

Take care of the cutest puppy and cat that you can bathe, help it when it is sick and choose an outfit and dress it up! Pet Salon 2 is very helpful for the daycare of your pet and have too much fun with this game.
Game Features

Easy to take care of the animals
Available to wash and cure the animal
Available to decorate the pet including Hat, Glasses, Bow Tie, and Clothing

Unlock Your Full Potential: Tips and Tricks

Each day you have a chance to Grimace Bullet Blender including washing, cleaning, and curing
Check your progress from the bar when you are working on the current tool: You will see the purple NEXT button if you finish the last tool
Watch ads to unlock the special items in the decoration buttons
You can take a photo after you finish all the work for the pet
If your photo can get over 50 points, you can win one heart from the current level