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What is Nocti?


Nocti is super fun online game that you can play at for free. Travel through the Otherworld to find the Orbs of Creation and fulfill your destiny! Play as a young girl on an important quest to collect all of the Orbs of Creation.

Enter the dream world by interacting with the tree!

Guide her through the strange Otherworld, meet new people, crush sandcastles, and learn more about your journey and the world you’ve found yourself in. Nocti is an English Yume Nikki fangame created by Nuxill for the 2017 Dream Diary Jam in RPG Maker MV. Nocti is a traditional fangame. The player can enter the dream world by interacting with the tree outside the house. Instead of doors, the nexus consists of several paths that lead to different worlds. The goal is to explore and find effects. The player can save the game using the notebook inside the house.