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My Talking Pig Mimy – Virtual Pet Laugh with talking Mimi and spend a my talking pig mimywith your pra praa praaa My Talking Pig Mimi  is a games for girls and games for kids and for everyone. Where you can have fun with your funny animations … But do not forget that Mimi is a pig and in all the games cats mimis will not stop making you laugh with their fart and humor. Mimi will be able to sing, eat, dance and go to the bathroom to finish the day. Sing like the cute ladybug. Mimi was a princess who became a pig and evolved into a nice little pig. Becoming so in the star princess. The evil witch Angela cast a spell that would turn her into a balloon and then evolve into a pig for fever Her best friends disappeared with the spell and were captive in the castle and she was punished to live a long and eternal life. After 1, 2 or 3 years and nobody knows … She was in a house full of luxuries, but of course … Now that princess is a Pig. How could you live in that house? It’s a question that you should answer yourself okay? In this gam you will be the protagonist .io, you will decide whether to believe in hank magic, or black magic or white magic. Mimi is quite clear, the only thing she can not see is a black cat. He hates cats. Run and play with her to the ball. Take advantage and be the first to play with her in this new games for girls. At the moment she is punished and can not get gold run at any time. But everything good is free okay. He or she will be your faithful virtual pet and like all virtual pet you need to feed him. Something curious is that just like hamburgers, she does not allow anyone to touch her burger when she has to hang. My talking pig is waiting for you on this adventure. Try all games and minigames. ** FEATURES ** – Sing with her Pra, praa praaa, famous where there are. Also known as Prrra, prra prrraaa and be the disco girl .io being the fan of all youtubers life agar the micro and demonstrates what you know. – Play the ballz calmly, will you get the ball off the screen? You will not have problem since with the blocks that are in the floor and the block that is to its sides everything is trapped and nothing can leave the subway. So … hit him hard !! It will always be your minion – rush all screens. Enter the toilet and discover the surprises of this pink monster adopt a monster you have to accept its way of being.- You can do voodoo fighting him. You will see the snow as if you were in Christmas Vs. free games – At the moment you will not be able to escape the temple, but at the moment you can have fun. It’s not a pet games for free either. This pet games will make you laugh a lot. With your finger you can control everything. Cataloged as a game of clicker or tap games within tycoon types. An endless game and idle gamers. Talking will always be with you from any angle. It does not matter where you are, at work at school. Whenever you need her to have a good time, Open your cell phone, she will be your Angel tuber It’s tim to get to the top together ben and enjoy. Until mon. The most pop pet game among all the tou. Get the number # 1 pee runpee. Do not try run everything is sealed scal . Funny as the street bottle flip and jerry We would appreciate if you shared your opinion to improve, take a paper and point everything you can think of, if you would like to add something, such as a companion snake or a worm. Talk about what you want (free) Share with your best friends or tubers and get followers of tom parts. This is a offline games You can find it in the section fdriving games