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My Shark Show


About My Shark Show

My Shark Show

My Shark Show is super fun game that you can play online for free. Who needs dolphins when you can have SHARKS! Entertain the crowd with epic shark moves and jumps in this infamous sequel to the My Dolphin Show series. The show just got a lot more deadly!

Jumping through burning hoops!

Jumping through burning hoops, collecting meat, eating other fish. No surfer is safe when the Shark Show starts. Make sure to set the highest score possible and collect the coins in every level. Exchange your coins for new shark skins or other sea creatures. You can always watch an ad to get more coins for you favorite skin. Train your shark to perform the best. Collect the points from the audience and improve your business to the next level. You can unlock new skins for your fishes with your earnings too. Which one are you going to be now, the player or the audience? We have seen you become a player. In this new adventure developed by the creators of the My Dolphin Show, everything is getting wilder. Who needs even a dolphin when you can have a shark? Before getting into this game, we have a small reminder though. The things you will see here are only for entertainment purposes within the game. Do not support cruelty for animals anywhere and for any reason. However, you can amuse yourself by training your shark in this virtual game. Make it jump through the burning hoops, feed it with fish, and improve your business by earning coins. If you fall into the water you become dead as the people who are jet skiing in the training pool! You can unlock various new skins for your shark to add more fun to the game! Have fun! Use the arrow keys to move the shark around. On mobile tap and drag the shark across the sceen.