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Keylimba Musical Instrument


What is Keylimba Musical Instrument?

Keylimba Musical Instrument

Keylimba Musical Instrument is a cute and customizable online game version of the kalimba instrument! A online Keylimba where you make your own music based on musical instruction from Zimbabwe. You can record yourself and make it play it back for you once your done. Pretty cool. Make your own kind of music.

African music instrument traditional to the Shona people!

The kalimba is a 1950s commercialization of the mbira, an African music instrument traditional to the Shona people of Zimbabwe. It has a history spanning over a thousand years! Mbira can have more keys, different tunings, and percussive ornaments, but Keylimba mimics the appearance of a 10-key Hugh Tracey kalimba. Keylimba uses sound recordings from my actual kalimba, which was given to me by my partner Amanda, who Keylimba is dedicated to! Have fun playing!