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Friday Night Synthin


What is Friday Night Synthin?

Friday Night Synthin

Friday Night Synthin is a new FNF Mod that you can play online for free. Today in Synthin FNF Mod our cute boyfriends sings a new song called “Synthetic-past”. Synthin is a mod which adds one week with one song. But don’t let that fool you! it’s a very tricky and challenging chart which will be sure to challenge you!

Are you ready to play the ultimate rap battle?

Are you ready to play the ultimate Friday Night Funkin battle? Synthin is a new addition to FNF Mods. The playability of Synthin Mod is good although extremely difficult in the final stages. I hope that you are ready for the new opponents in this Friday Night Funkin Mod. Today you’ll continue your journey of winning your Girlfriend’s heart. Convince your Girlfriend’s Dad by winning the rap battle against your opponents. Have a funky time playing!