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What is Friday Night Funkin’ VS The Game Master?

Friday Night Funkin’ VS The Game Master is super fun FNF mod that you can play online for free. A latest mod of Friday Night Funkin where Boyfriend rap battle a Entity 99.  Entity 99 is known from The Backroom game called a Jester doll. You and your super cool girlfriend have approached Level 389. It looks just as much of an attraction as any family restaurant! After exploring you both find Entity 99 a Jester doll that although moves like a puppet, controls the whole level. Are you ready to show her who is boss in a game called fnf vs The Game Master.

Entity 99 is the sole entity that inhabits Level 389!

Entity 99 more commonly known as Master is the sole entity that inhabits Level 389, the Gaming Hall. This entity has full control over all games on this level, and to an extent the level itself. She has the appearance of a doll with a jester hat and dress, and appears to be suspended like a puppet. Photos of the Game Master are often replaced with an driving games