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FNF vs Link


What is FNF vs Link (Legend Of Zelda)?

Are you a Fan of the iconic game– “The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time”? Well, lucky for you that FnF has a custom mod just for the Zelda fans out there called FNF vs Link (Legend of Zelda). Here’s everything you need to know. Featuring a spicy love story, Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm game developed by @ninja_muffin99. It revolves around the story of a boyfriend who desperately wants to impress his girlfriend but faces many hurdles on his path.

Help Boyfriend defeat Link!

Boyfriende has to defeat his opponents in a battle of music by singing the correct notes and if he wins, he gets a kiss from his girlfriend. Those who are familiar with the iconic Legend of Zelda: OoT game would know the characters- Link and Zelda. So, how about replacing the original boyfriend and girlfriend outfit with the outfits of Link and Zelda? Yes, you can do that using the Link and Zelda mod. It is extremely well detailed and is enough to give you a nostalgic feel.