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FNF vs Hat Kid


What is FNF vs Hat Kid?

FNF vs Hat Kid

FNF vs Hat Kid is amazing funky FNF mod that you can play online for free. Latest mod of Friday Night Funkin where Boyfriend rhythm battle against Hat Kid from the A Hat in Time fanmade anime series by Kokoro Hatsaru. Hat Kid is the main protagonist of A Hat in Time.

Small child with brown hair!

She now appears in Friday Night Funkin’ made by Lads In Hats. Hat Kid appears as a small child with brown hair. You find yourself on the iconic spaceship that plays an important role in the game and face off against its pilot, Hat Kid herself. She wears mostly yellow and purple clothes, including her hat. The shirt has a zipper and she wears brown shoes and a yellow cape. During Week 5, she wears a dark red dress with fluffy edges and the same goes for her cape, and now wears black boots along with her hairband being green and not wearing her hat anymore.