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FNF vs Fortnite Skye


What is FNF vs Fortnite Skye?

FNF vs Fortnite Skye

FNF vs Fortnite Skye is super fun FNF mod that you can play at for free. Amazing mod of Friday Night Funkin where Boyfriend rap-battle against Fortnite Skye and his fluffy friend chum pal Ollie in three NEW ORIGINAL SONGS.

Skye from Fortnite is waiting for you!

Also known as CRANKING FUNKIN’90S. Skye from Fortnite has finally made her debut in the category of Friday Night Funkin’ Games online.  We are sure that fans of both franchises were eagerly waiting for, and right now they will definitely have tons and tons of fun with this game. Help boyfriend defeat the Skye!

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