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FNF vs Chira


What is FNF vs Chira?

FNF VS Chira ONLINE (Friday Night Funkin’) is a well-crafted full-week FNF mod that revolves around a character named Chira who sneaks into the universe of Friday Night Funkin’ to turn everything around her into a ’50s cartoon.

Who is Chirra?

Made by Cape Funkin, Nightmare_Nugget , ZERO ARTIST , ZetaE , Jhaix (Composer), and sugar (Composer). A mod of Friday Night Funkin where Boyfriend sing-and-dance against a cartoon characters from the 50’s. This mod was made for the FunkJam, give it some support if you had fun. Chira is a female 50’s cartoon who escapes from her habitat to turn those around her into a 50s caricature.