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FNF: FUNKADELIX is an amazing electrifying remix mod for Friday Night Funkin’. Created by the talented Paciofd, this mod takes the classic FNF experience to a whole new level with reimagined songs, vibrant new character sprites, and powerful, evocative lyrics.

Fresh and exhilarating remix!

In FNF: FUNKADELIX, every track you know and love has been transformed into a fresh and exhilarating remix. Each song features enhanced beats and rhythms that will keep you tapping your feet and nodding your head. The addition of compelling lyrics adds depth and emotion, making each battle not just a test of rhythm but a musical journey.

Pulsating beats of the remixed tracks!

The visual overhaul in FNF: FUNKADELIX is just as impressive as the audio enhancements. Every character has been given a vibrant new look, with dynamic sprites that bring a burst of color and energy to the screen. The revamped designs not only breathe new life into the characters but also complement the pulsating beats of the remixed tracks.

Facing off against classic foes!

Whether you’re facing off against classic foes or experiencing new storylines, FNF: FUNKADELIX promises a captivating adventure filled with rhythm and excitement. The synergy between the reimagined music and the stunning visuals creates an immersive atmosphere that will have you hooked from the first note to the last.

Dive into the world of FNF battle!

So, are you ready to dive into the world of FNF: FUNKADELIX? Grab your microphone, step onto the stage, and let the funk take over. Show off your skills, enjoy the powerful lyrics, and groove to the remixed beats in this must-play mod for Friday Night Funkin’. Let’s go!