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FNF: Agoti Sings Ugh


What is FNF: Agoti Sings Ugh?

A new mod of Friday Night Funkin where it is AGOTI turn to sing Ugh with Boyfriend in game called FNF: Agoti Sings Ugh. Start playing online direct in your favorite browser at Best Online Games for free! No Download required to play.

Help Agoti in this music rap battle!

Ugh is one of the most popular tracks to have ever appeared in the Friday Night Funkin Games series of our website. This is because it is the iconic track of Tankman, the latest antagonist, but we won’t be seeing him here today, since on his song we will have a battle between Boyfriend and Agoti. A battle that holds a lot of meaning since they are the BF and Ex-BF of the Girlfriend character in this franchise. Let’s start playing!