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Catch The Impostor


What is Catch The Impostor?

Catch The Impostor

Catch The Impostor is super fun hunt and catch game that you can play online for free. Hey, All of the Impostors entered the museum. Unless museum guard get the all impostor, He will fired by president of museum. Please, help museum guard. Impostor hunting is a game that include to Among Us category.

You must get all impostor in limited time!

You must get all impostor in limited time. This Impostor game has 50 levels. Each level are so fun. With Catch The among us you will have a unique Among Us game. wishes you good games. In this game your objective as the main character is to find and hunt down Impostor to complete tasks. It is a hard thing to do thanks to the unique set of abilities used by the Impostor.  Start playing and have fun!