Imperium 2


A Kingdoms War. A massive resource management style game, build and balance your empire. Manage your citizens and order your soldiers.Buildings:House: a Place to live and increase population.Lumber mill: Increase wood.Farm: Produce food. Market: Trade and move resources to other villages.IronMine:Produce iron.Blacksmith: Make new weapons.Barrack: Train troops, form war troops.Brickyard: Produce clay and clay products. Horse Stable:Breed horses, form horse forces.Catapult Factory: Make catapults.Embassy, the ambassador’s office, you can export or import to other areas from here.Academy: Research new things to develop better war utility units.Palace: The Kind and Queen live here, and can produce more workers.In war mode you can have 6 types of soldiers:Swordsman Spearman Bowman Axeman Knight Catapult
Mouse: Everything. Make some Buildings by selecting and placing them. Once you have some soldiers you can order war, you can also move resources to another city and trade -In War Mode. You can order your soldiers to attack the enemy area, by clicking the type of unit you wish to send out.- You will win the game if you have conquered all of the 96 areas. Good Luck..